Conceive Achieve for Teens

Conceive Achieve for Teens

Adnah McKenna & Julius Mwebia

This book is fashioned and wrought out to not only motivate but inspire, not only inspire but educate and not only educate but above all to challenge. Any teenager who can read should pick this as a companion guide for life. I should expect that if a copy is handed to you it should gain scribbles and underlines around notions and nuggets in the book, that are pointers, activators and provocations for managing the daily life of success.


Adnah has laid the gauntlet and indeed has beckoned us to face today and tomorrow boldly without excuses, because herein lies a concrete combination of the compass and map to a fulfilled life of Success. Pick it, read it skillfully and act for after all it is A Roadmap to YOUR Success.

Foreword by
D.P Mavia
Socio Cultural Critic, Writer
Big God Small Ideas

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