Oasis Schools

Oasis Schools

Oasis Kindergarten derives it’s mission from Maisha Trust’s vision of imparting life to the poor and oppressed.  An oasis is an isolated pool of water supporting rich vegetation and providing a habitat for animals and human beings to survive in the middle of a desert environment.  It is also typologically used to represent a place that gives relief from troubling or chaotic situations.   Hence, in the context of Kibera; a slum of severe deprivation, hopelessness and misery, Oasis Kindergarten will be a source of life in the midst of a landscape of scarcity.

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Abiah Expressions partners with Oasis Schools through “Crafting for Teeny-Weeny Hands” program that seeks to “empower a creative world – one child at a time”.


2017 Graduation

Crafting for Teeny Weeny Hands

"Empowering a creative world, one child at a time"

All smiles!


Cleaning Time!

Hi Ten!


Art's Fun!

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