Martha’s Wedding

Martha’s Wedding

By Patrick Davidson

The day had finally come it was the month of May.

What seemed so far away was here, today was her wedding day.

All those months of preparation and planning had come to this.

Her heart mind and soul longing and willing to be finally his.

Her Bridesmaids were ready, they looked at her with tender admiration.

Her breathing heavy, not with fear, but with eager anticipation.

If this was a gallery, she was a center piece – and since He was an artist she knew she was his masterpiece. The apple of his eye.

But something disturbed her, why? It was something that caught her eye.

It was the Flowers, who brought lilies when she had categorically and specifically said no lilies, only Roses. Moses! she wanted to call the service provider – not now. He will get a piece of her mind later when they came back. What’s that noise? Feedback on the mics, I mean seriously? And the singers – they are obviously struggling with the song. I thought they had practiced thoroughly.

Her head turns left and right and her worst nightmare seems to be coming true; things are not in place and she has no clue what to do and then achoo! No way. Sue don’t tell me you choose today to have a flu.

As her sunny day turns into a stormy one, one thing is forgotten. As she is mad at everyone in the venue, one Person is forgotten. The bridegroom.

Martha, Martha, you are concerned about so many things when only one thing is needful.

You have been burdened by the pride of life and have neglected him who is the way, the truth and life.

You have been caught up with the activities of Church, the services, the programs and have forgotten him who is the Head of the church.

You are lost in discussions and arguments about music, this song is the best or this artist is the best and you have missed Him whom you should sing to. He whom David says to, “You have become my song”.

Martha, Martha, be still, cast your care, behold here comes the BRIDEGROOM!

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