Kenya My Kenya

Kenya My Kenya



You were in slavery for years and years
You fought for your freedom
The dead young men speak of the price you paid for that freedom
A freedom that tastes like milk and honey
A freedom that set free every part of this land, we call home.

Fifty years have gone by since we sang that song of freedom
Eee Mungu nguvu yetu, fifty years of independence
But look where we are now and where we are going!
Political fights that rob us UNDUGU WETU
Political disagreement that don’t matter, taking away things that matter

We forget, the cost of the freedom we have, we have forgotten why we are here
To feed the hungry, to give medicine to the sick
Build a better place for us, for the future generation
To make those who fought tooth and nail for this freedom proud
To reflect that song of freedom in our actions,
Undugu wetu wajibu wetu

Over ten thousand children die a year, and why if I may ask?
Because of lack of proper care, proper management of our wealth
A baby born is like a fragile glass, holding another generation in it
Why allow the glass to shutter?

Who cares of tomorrow?  Through talk we do a lot but actions do nothing
We tell ourselves we can’t, but we can
Call her fragile but forget not, she conquered the British
Not by her strength but unity, the spirit of brotherhood
The very foundation of this motherland

If we work together, if we look at each other and see ourselves in our brothers
Then we can arise again, and be a nation where peace and love exist
We can make our ancestors proud of us again, we can be proud of ourselves
We can be able to sing and reflect that song of freedom, song of destiny
Ever so beautiful, so rare so true…
Natukae na Undugu, Amani na uhuru, Raha tupate na ustawi.

And I am proud to be Kenyan!

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